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Over many years in the field of Search Engine Optimization, we have helped thousands of website owners understand SEO and increase their sites’ visibility in search engines.

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How It Works

Like many others, you’re likely seeking ways to boost your organic rankings and attract more traffic from Google. A recurring question might be: What kind of traffic can I expect if I land on the first page?

Our tool is designed to explore this very question. Continue reading to discover how this information can empower you to make smarter, more informed decisions moving forward.

CTR, or click-through rate, is the proportion of clicks a particular Google result receives compared to the total number of searches conducted for that specific keyword.

CTR is a crucial metric as it indicates that the higher your website ranks in Google, the more traffic it’s likely to receive.

Search intent impacts CTR, as users’ actions differ based on intent—buying, information seeking, or comparing. We’ve categorized keywords by intent; access this via the “Search Intent” tab.

In the “Trends” section of the tool, you can view the CTR curve for each of the Top 10 positions, comparing it with the CTR from a previous time period.

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